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1K Ohm resistor 1K Ohm resistor

This is the 1K resistor between the MCU and first motor signal FET.  It is a common point of failure for a main or tail motor that will not run.

Price is for 5 resistors.

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10K Ohm resistor 10K Ohm resistor

This 10K Ohm resistor is used as the gate pull up resistor on both the main and tail motor FETs.  It is common for it to be damaged when the FET burns out and is also easily damaged during FET repair.

Price is for 5 resistors.

Our Price: $1.00
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Tantalum Capacitor Tantalum Capacitor

This is the big yellow capacitor used on the mCP X, mSR X, and mQX.  It is also used on the mCP X servos.  The capacitor is often broken off during crashes.  

It will burn and/or destroy itself if the battery is plugged in backwards.  When reverse voltage is applied capacitor will darken in color from a brown to a charcoal black.

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